Monday, May 26, 2008

Palmer Hayden: Baptism

This piece of art by Palmer Hayden
shows the importance of church in the black community. It is important to the time period because it uses the bright colors in contrast to the black faces and shows the use of African techniques with large blocky and shapes and liberal use of color. The expressionism of the painting shows that the ones being baptized are being brought into the light. They are shown as closest to the center with the onlookers radiating about this point.
The time period of the Harlem Renaissance was a tine of black people expressing their culture while looking back towards their roots and the church is deeply planted in the black community. It uses the techniques of more tribal artwork with modernistic techniques to show the culture of the artist. The techniques of using light and dark to show light upon the baptized and darkness in the water shows a tie to the church and a belief that religion helps to enlighten. Using all these aspects together helps to tie the art to the time period while looking back to the artist’s cultural roots in the motherland.


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